About Us

Tuneintofashion is a fashion blog by Deepti, Mona and Neha, three sisters, madly in love with each other with a common passion – for FASHION. Born with a silver spoon, to most beautiful parents, our journey from childhood to adulthood has been most enriching with all the luxuries and comfort that one can wish for. Almost every day on a shopping spree, picking up the latest in fashion and beauty trends, we have spent our teenage learning the nuances of style and beauty.

Fortunately, even after marriage and motherhood our journey continued to be stronger as we were blessed to have super supportive husbands and families. Two among them are fashion designers with 15 plus years of experience up their sleeve and another from the ever emerging crazy tech world. All of us now in our forties, have been contemplating for quite some time to initiate this fashion blog to keep our interest up and rising.  As fashion enthusiasts, we believe that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to create your own style but a pinch of creativity and imagination with some money can. On this platform, we will bring to you latest trends in fashion, styling tips and tricks, glamour unlimited, ‘who, what, when’ wear and much more.

So tuneintofashion with a promise to be bold and beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.