Halfway through February and summer around the corner, one fashion accessory that is a must-have for any wardrobe is – Sunglasses.  A good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is an essential item for this season, or you can do damage to those pretty eyes.

For me, sunglasses are not just a summer fashion accessory but my signature style. Most people do not recognize me if I don’t have my shades on (hahaha..maybe a hyperbole…but literally). I am absolutely HIGH ON SUNGLASSES. I have lost track of the year but my passion for shades is getting bigger and better (and so is my collection) with the latest styles and designs being introduced, year on year. Sunny, cloudy or rainy, that just doesn’t matter, one of the items that I don’t leave my house without is my shades. (I prefer calling them shades over sunglasses).  Sometimes, all I need is my shades and red lipstick to get ‘The Look’.

12 tips for buying sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just saviors from the harsh glaring rays of the sun (or sometimes to hide those hideous dark circles) but also a style enhancer. Just like a new hair-cut, putting on a new pair of shades is a simple way to transform your complete look. Because I am so passionate about shades, I own a decent collection, ranging from designer to street – style and I can still never get enough of them (30 shades and counting…) I have purchased most of my shades from Sunglass Hut, Inorbit Mall. Sunglass Hut is a premier shopping destination for the top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion and performance sunglasses.

Interested to see my collection of shades, check out the gallery below.
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In my opinion, everyone looks good in shades and research backs it too. A research says that sunglasses makes everyone look attractive. So this summer go get ‘The Look’ with sunglasses and beat the heat in style. To know about the latest trends in sunglasses check our previous post ‘10 ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR 2018 WARDROBE’. 

To help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face, read through my ‘Tips For Buying Sunglasses‘ and also some quick do’s and don’ts.


  • UV Protection – Buy sunglasses that give you highest protection from UVA and UVB rays.  
  • Shape Of Your Face – Buy frames that are in contrast to the shape of your face. That means, if you have a round face go for square frames, heart-shaped face then go for rectangular frames, square face then go for round frames, and oval face (then lucky you) it is proportionate for all kinda frames.
  • Skin Tone – If you have fair skin tone then you must buy dark lens colors and if you have dark skin, then select light-colored lens. If medium tone then, both the lens colors are for you. The black lens is the universal color.
  • Small Eyes – If you have small eyes buy darker lenses as they appear to increase the eye size.
  • Perfect Fit – Buy shades that fit you well and has a firm grip. A proper fitting frame is more comfortable and flattering. If you have a problem with glasses sliding down your nose, you can have the temples bent to keep them in place.
  • Hairstyle – When trying on new sunglasses, make sure you are wearing your hair the way you normally do most of the time.  A different hairstyle can affect the sunglasses look on your face and will make your choice difficult and time-consuming.
  • Eyebrows – The top of the frame should cover your eyebrows. If you have your eyebrows peeping out of the frames (unless you have selected the smaller frames), then try a different frame that covers them well.
  • Smooth Lens – Before buying, check if the lenses are smooth and have no scratches or bubble spots on them.
  • No Cosmetic Sunglasses – Do not buy cosmetic sunglasses or the ones available at the beauty counters as they may look enticing and budget-friendly but can eventually cause serious damage to your eyes. Maybe just invest in one pair of shades but buy a good one with UV protection guarantee.   


  • Safe  – Always put your sunglasses in hardcover cases to protect them from any fall or scratch. At day end make sure to clean them well before putting into the case.  
  • Not For Indoors – Don’t wear sunglasses indoors (unless medically advised), as they not only make you look silly, but also have a reverse effect on the eye protection when indoors.
  • Not A Hair Accessory – No matter how simple it is to just swish them up your head every time you enter indoors (I am sure quite a few have made a habit out of it) but refrain from doing it, as eventually it spoils the shape and fit of the frame.

My last and most important tip – When in doubt wear your shades and you are ready to go.

If I did manage to interest you and are still reading please like, share or just leave me a comment. Share your thoughts on this essential summer fashion accessory – sunglasses.

be bold. be beautiful

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  1. Very beautifully written and very good tips….Most of the dont’s mentioned here are done by me 🙈….good learning for people like me…And amazing collections of sunglasses…

    Looking forward for your next blog.

  2. I agree Sunglasses or Shades only adds an extra beauty touch to your over all look and style and when indoor the same shades when placed on your head further enhances your style ❤️😍

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