A big thank you to all the lovely ladies out there for the overwhelming response and wonderful comments on my very first blog. It means a lot and gives me the confidence to keep going. 

Last week, while I was promoting my very first post ‘10 Essentials for your 2018 Wardrobe’ one of my friend commented on my personal message, “I feel fashion and style is just not me so I may not visit your blog that often but will surely share your blog link with all my fashionable friends”.  With due respect to her feelings, it left me thinking that one may not be fashionable but each one does have a unique style. Based on your fashion preferences and the way you embrace it, you can be any one or a combination of Classic, Romantic, Creative, Natural or Sporty style personality. We are usually addressed based on how we dress. So my dear friend you too have a unique style, maybe ‘Natural’.

Thanks to her it prompted me to write this post ‘Style Speaks for You, Fashion for Everyone‘.

‘Style’ and ‘Fashion’ are most commonly used terms in our daily lives. Mostly used as synonyms to each other and highly misinterpreted, are in fact quite different. 

fashion is fast forward

Fashion is something that the fashion designers give to everyone. It is ever-changing from season to season and year on year, at a very fast pace.  Sometimes we buy an item that is in trend and save it for that special occasion which is few months away. Then over a period of time it gets lost in the piles and piles of clothes stashed away in the closet. Consequently, out of sight and out of mind. Then, one day when we do fish it from the sea of clothes, it is no longer in trend. FASHION OUTDATED. I sometimes wonder our designers control the fashion industry with a remote and can’t take their hands off the fast forward button. Seen today gone tomorrow…just like that. 

Style is something that we design for ourselves. People who follow fashion and love to stay on top quite often brag of being born stylish. I believe style is a skill that can be learned and developed gradually with perseverance and practice. It is the convergence of one’s overall appearance, personality, and selection of fashion trends to suit individual taste that makes us  stand out. Style speaks for us, even when we don’t, as that’s the first thing people notice about us.  If we know our style personality we can also try to imitate styles and looks of famous personalities that do have a similar taste. I have listed below some of my personal favorites who have created a niche for themselves based on their unique styles or rather signature styles.

1. Rekha – ‘The Golden Diva’ – Kanjeevaram sarees, kundan gold jewelry, sindoor and red lipstick (ever so graceful and full of life). I guess every Indian women must have for once tried to style herself in the Rekha look, that saree, bindi and bangles, but can’t say how many could nail it.
The Evergreen Rehka

2. Akshay Kumar – ‘The Khiladi’ –  pants style-one leg rolled up. Never a slave to any trend…creates his own (more than a 100 films old I just looovvvee him since the very first one….and just like old wine he seems to be getting better with age. I often tell my son to style his pants the same way, but he invented his own style, he rolls up both cuffs of the pant…mom I like it that way… still love you for that sweetie)
The Khiladi - Akshay Kumar

3. Simi Garewal – ‘The Lady in White’ – Synonym of white is Simi Garewal (sorry I made that up). But it is so true, this lady has given so much life to this color (or no color) ever since I can remember I have seen her only in shades of white. Kudos to her designer, only white fabrics and each one is unique. (I am highly obsessed with black and eventually someday would want to switch to only black….The Lady in, sounds good already.)
Lady in White - Simi Garewal

4. Sarah Jessica Parker – ‘The Fashion Icon’ – Classy & creative fashion styles (from her make-up to her clothes to her accessories to her shoes, bang on creative) Our very own Carrie Bradshaw from the series ‘Sex and the City’. Can’t say who is more stylish Sarah or Carrie.(who cares..they are both damn good.)
Sarah Jessica Parker

5. Sonam Kapoor – ‘The Fashionista’ – Bold, beautiful and the risk taker (style icon for the youth) Every look that she creates is the talk of the town (for being too bold or just so perfect). She does not fear at all to experiment with her looks and that’s exactly why she is the fashion icon.
Sonam Kapoor

Now coming back to the differences,
The external factors like the country, weather, economies, etc influence the fashion trends. The glossy fashion magazines and flamboyant retail stores display all the latest trends in fashion to urge us to make the purchase. Sometimes we get distracted and make some wrong choices that may not suit our style. A harsh fact, but true, not every fashion trend is made for us. We have to be wise enough to understand what suits our style. 


The internal factors like our body shape, personality, profession, culture etc influence our style. Style makes us bond with ourselves. In fact, we can incorporate latest fashion into our own style that makes us feel comfortable and confident. Last week in ‘Bombay Times’ I read an interesting article ‘The Science of Style’. It said, “It proves: Clothes affect a person’s mental processes.”

If you are interested to read the article click on the link below:   

I highly recommend embracing clothing that suits your style so that you feel comfortable, confident, smart, powerful (the article says, Your clothes can equip you to tackle challenges) I can completely vouch for it as its tried and tested by me on many occasions. I feel much more confident and in control on days I wear a blazer at work as compared to the days when I casually dress up to work (jeans and tee. maybe).


Homework Assignment:  For all those who already know your style personality, great going guys please hang on tight. But for those who don’t there are a number of Style Personality Quiz on the web to try out.

So go ahead and take the test to find your style. Fashionable or not each one of us must know our unique style.

If I did manage to interest you and are still reading please like, share or just leave me a comment. Share your thoughts and ideas on fashion and style. 

be bold. be beautiful.

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