Hello and happy Tuesday!

Apologies for the delay as this post was scheduled for Independence day as Mona and Deepti had already finished the shoot before 15th August but my family trip to Vaishnodevi and then the pressure of 31st August filing kept me away from the blog for a while.

Without any further ado as we are still in our Independence month we bring it up to you today. Hope you enjoy it.

Khadi was on our mind for quite sometime, as it enjoys the spotlight on the ramp almost every season. But we saved it for Independence as Khadi is not just a fabric but its also our Indian Heritage. It reminds us of a picture of the PRIDE OF OUR NATION – GANDHIJI at work on his Charkha.

Khadi Saree

This light pink Khadi Cotton Saree was Mona’s pick for Rs 2000/- from a salesman carrying heavy bundles of Calcutti Sarees on his shoulders, knocking door to door, looking for customers. This soft-rustic feeling of hand-spun fabric is only known by the skin that wears it. We decided to pair it up with a waist length contrast printed  t-shirt instead of a blouse to add a contemporary twist to the look. As the Khadi cotton saree has a slightly blank look we added oxidise jewelery to make it more rustic. Mona is wearing 2 neckpieces in choker style, one in silver oxidise and above it dull gold as her statement jewelery. Payal, bangles, four-coined ring and a simple round bindi to complete her look. 

Khadi Saree

Khadi Saree

Khadi Saree

Khadi Saree
Khadi SareeKhadi Saree

This post, our photoshoot location (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) and this Khadi Saree is a reflection of how proud we feel to be an Indian. We urge you all too, to add Khadi/handloom collection to your wardrobe in order to bring about more rural empowerment.

Happy Independence Month! Jai Hind!


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  1. WOW Awesome superb all in a go. Mona you are dressed so very perfect from head to toe😘😘😘😘. Very polish pics. This khadi saree looks so very stylish, crisp and versatile. Khadi cloth is a symbol of freedom that endures India’s ancient weaves yet embraces contemporary India to find it’s relevance. So very perfect time to get this blog during Independence time. Spirit of freedom. Khadi is definitely an inseparable part of Indian culture which I famous all over the world.

  2. Hello Mona,

    You are looking absolutely stunning. The Saree and Neck piece is superb and is looking “Super Se Bhi Upar” on you.

    All the Best.

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