Last few days have been quite hectic at work (including Sundays). Spending almost 11+ hours in office each day and once back home I just don’t feel like even lifting a spoon for myself (I feel that tired and exhausted). On my couch, in my pjs, with a bowl-ful of ice-cream and watching movies on Netflix has become my way of unwinding at the end of day. One movie that I really liked, was Up in the Air. The story is centered on corporate “downsizer” Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) and his travels. Ryan enjoys living out of a suitcase for his job travelling around  countries as a smart and frequent flyer. So that’s how I came up with the idea of this post. SMART TRAVELLING.

After we are done with school, we often associate vacation with the idea of travelling. Travelling is exciting, but it comes along with a few hassles between the planning, packing, and getting to and navigating the airport, taxis, and buses and also checking in to and from hotels. You’ll walk with your luggage more than you think you will. Too much luggage marks you as a typical tourist and not a smart traveler. Packing always seems to take up more time and space than you’d like, especially when you hate it, stress over it or even worse want to take everything with you on your trip.

Until few years from now, I used to stack clothes horizontally, which I thought was quite an efficient way of packing as against the vertical stacks. But since a few recent travels I found out that rolling is more efficient and space-saving method than stacking.

Today’s video can change the way you pack your bags from now on. We show you some smart efficient and organized tips to pack like a pro and travel light. Infact we had tried out the same amount of items in both ways stacking (the regular way) and rolling (the new way) and were quite surprised with the amount of space-saved in the new way. But this video, itself have become quite lengthy so were not able to show you the comparison (sorry for that guys) 

  • Make a checklist of all the things you want to carry with you on your trip.
  • Spread out every item that you have on your checklist onto your bed.
  • Select clothes that are of neutral palate or can combine with each other. In this way you can mix and match pieces to create different outfits for each day.
  • Try taking half of the things you need and twice the money. You can make buying a few new items a fun part of the adventure
  • Always carry an extra shopping bag with you
  • Stack and Roll your clothes (like burritos), instead of folding them. Folding occupies more space as compared to rolling. Rolling also prevents wrinkling of clothes
  • Use the overlapping layer technique for jeans & jackets
  • Make use of all the additional bags (apart from your carry-on purse) that you may take to your trip to store your make-up, toiletries, lingerie or accessories. That’s optimum use of items for storage. So avoid using cubes, organizers or pouches that may take up extra space.
  • Refill travel-size bottles for shampoo, conditioner and creams. 
  • Always wear your bulkiest items of clothing on the plane. Like your sport shoes, jackets or coats so they don’t hog up all the space (and weight) in your luggage.

So whether you’re traveling for three weeks or three months, pack exactly the same. Go casual, simple, and very light. Remember, in your travels you’ll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had packed light.

We hope after watching this video, you will be the smart tourist who packs light (and let those who are fully loaded look at you with envy while you proudly sway along with just one carry-on much in control. The benefits of travelling light are many….just try it to feel it. Until then 

be bold. be beautiful.



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  1. Thanks for the helpful info! When it comes to packing, you really need special skills. When we travel we always pack so much of stuff to realize that we haven’t even used most of it when back home and more over it’s even embarrassing to travel with many bags 💼 .Minimalism is very trendy for traveling I thought I was organized until I read this article. Absolutely amazing article. The list provided is really fantastic, right from the basic accessories. Bingo!!! Nailed it.

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