Happy Tuesday! and welcome back to tuneintofashion. This post is dedicated to the legendary actress Madhubala who essayed the role of Anarkali (pomegranate blossom) in the iconic film Mughal-e-azum. Though the frock style suit has its origin from the Mughal era but am quite sure the iconic suit worn by the character of Anarkali became widely popular as the Anarkali salwar suit and has since then been a popular choice of attire among women.

Don’t you agree that Anarkali has a certain royal appeal to them? The moment you wear it you feel royal and regal. An immediate transformation from “Mein” to “Hum”.

The right choice and fit will definitely give you the desired look. One can find an Anarkali for every occasion. It is a perfect choice for a party wear and weddings and other traditional gatherings as it comes in a large number of variations. Through this post we would like to highlight some important points that one must keep in mind while buying Anarkali suits.


Anarkali suit

Anarkali mostly comes in solid colors, so while choosing a suit keep in mind the time of the event, whether day or night and also most importantly the color of your skin tone. I always feel very impressed with the combination of beige and brown. The subtleness like in this suit is perfect for every skin tone and also for the day or night look. 


Anarkali Suit

Mostly Anarkalis have heavy embroidery work on the upper part of the suit. And the skirt section is generally plain with pleated at the waist. If you are on the broader side then make sure you select something that has work only at the neckline and hem of the sleeves rather than the entire upper section of the suit as it may make you appear wider. The other benefit of work on the neckline is that it saves you from investing in a neckpiece as the embroidery plays the role pretty well. If you are sleek then you can choose a suit that has heavy embroidery work on the upper part as it will balance the look.


Anarkali Suit

Since a few years the designers have said bye-bye to the dupatta and are designing quite a number of Anarkali suits without the Dupatta or for that matter even a salwar as these suits are floor length ( a tough competition to the gowns…maybe). Anarkali suit designs are such that they look complete with or without a dupatta. But some suits that are plain enough have designer dupattas with heavy embroidery all over the piece. Never let such a piece go! It can be quite a show stealer. Just drape it as open on one side of your shoulder and you are ready to flaunt the rich piece.


Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are designed with lot of emphasis on the front torso and the sleeve. Here there can be a mix of fabrics, art work style, colors and more. Like in my suit you will see a combination of sheer material along with the fabric. And the sleeves are full length with a beautiful bell cut at the hem. They can give you a really stylish and sophisticated look. Such long sleeves are quite a fashion statement in their own right.


Anarkali Suit

This is the most important part of creating any look. Choosing the right accessories. As in the case of Anarkali suits you can go completely without any elaborate jewellery. Just a pair of matching earrings, heels and a clutch and you will be all set to attend the occasion! So the trick is to wear heavy ear pieces then keep your neck free or just go for a slim stylish neck string. In case your neckline is free of any embroidery work then choose to wear a statement necklace and go for bare ears. Otherwise the look could become too cluttered.

Symbolizing splendour and majesty, this floor length beige-brown Anarkali with embroidery at the neckline and sleeves has definitely impressed me.


Anarkali Suit Courtesy – Upon Fashion; Velvet Blue Pep- toe Shoes – Sole to Sole ;

Brown Clutch Courtesy – Upon FashionEarrings –  Accessorize;

Lipstick – Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Brown Rush;  Liner – Mac black


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be bold. be beautiful 

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  1. I love the way you guys pay a lot of attention to details that many others would overlook. Making you’ll experts of the field! Beautiful suit, nice location as well…Elegance personified! Cheers…keep going!

  2. If there is one Indian outfit that wins the unanimous vote is without doubt the Anarkali suit. This attire can make a us look appealing but to acquire that enviable look you must know how to clad yourself in it. Thanks for sharing this illustrative post on the must have items for a elegant look. Following this article will definitely enhance the exquisiteness of the person wearing it.

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