Contest Alert – Woman’s Day

Hello lovely, charming, beautiful, powerful, gorgeous, resilient, compassionate, fearless, brilliant, eloquent, bold, inspiring, creative, upstanding Ladies. 

International Women’s Day on 8th March celebrates the achievements of women past, present and future. Each one of us has achieved success in our own way. Attempted the impossible, overcome some fear, started a new venture and everything small and big. We may not be the ‘who’s who’ so no nominations and no felicitation. We are definitely the unsung heroes. 

As a woman, we play multiple roles in our day to day lives  to care for the family and the community. This woman’s day is a chance to make a man in your life express his love and affection towards you.  

Contest Alert – Woman’s Day
“How  SHE adds Sparkle to your life”

Contest Alert - Woman's Day

Please read the rules carefully and participate to win luxurious goodies. Winners will be announced on 8th March 2018.

May the best Man win for His Woman.

Good Luck 

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  1. My wife is my friend, lover, secret keeper. You are my strength, my support. None of my goals are achievable without you. You are the lifeline of our family. Home is not home without you.

  2. I usually don’t express but when I have got a chance today I would like to say Avani is My stronger half , My Super Power , Evergreen Confidant and Energetic DIVA of my life.
    Well! This beautiful person completes my life.
    Avani Be yourself Always.
    Love you☺☺

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