In continuation, to the “TIPS FOR BUYING SUNGLASSES – HIGH ON SUNGLASSES” post last week, we ran a random campaign among friends, family and followers to share their “Selfie in Shades”. Big thank you to everyone who shared their pictures and helped make it a success!  Though most of them were not selfies but that doesn’t matter your participation does.

To our surprise, we received quite a few numbers, fifty-three (53) to be precise. We are truly overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and are happy to surprise you in return. 

We converted this campaign into a contest and therefore we have winners and prizes. We also received quite a few queries on where to buy shades from, so we shortlisted a few of our favorite vendors and worked out some super deals for all of you. 

Our 1st winner is Ms Tanushree Sengupta who wins Ray-Ban shades by IMAX Optical Mumbai, Sunglass and Eyewear Store. Her photo entry (see below).
 Selfie in Shades

And our runner-up is Ms Pooja Bhimra, who wins Zara shades by tuneintofashion.comHer photo entry (see below). 

Selfie in Shades

Here are the pictures of all the other participants. You all look so bubbly and lovely(research rightly says, sunglasses makes everyone look attractive). We do have some exciting deals for all you beautiful ladies too. (please check the Deals To Steal below)

Selfie In ShadesSelfie In ShadesSelfie In Shades

Selfie In Shades

Our special thanks to our young babes Sahana, Aakanksha and Prachee who all look absolutely stunning. But as there were not many participants from their age group, sadly we had to keep them out from the contest. So gurlz better buckle up for the upcoming posts and make maximum shares within your network. Once again sorry sweeties. Love you all.

Selfie In Shades


IMAX Optical Mumbai, Sunglass and Eyewear Store has offered irresistible deals just for you. So hurry before it’s too late. Don’t forget to take the screenshots of the coupons below.

In case if you have any queries regarding the offer you can reach us at and we will be happy to assist you. Until next time

be bold. be beautiful.

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    1. Thank you Mona… For sure we will try our best…to get something interesting each time for you me and everyone 😊SMILE AND TUNE INTO FASHION

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