Happy Friday Everyone! Friday brings with it relief, comfort and solace. End of hectic running around in the week and a weekend to look forward to.

Yesterday, on the occasion of Woman’s Day we had a small party in our society to celebrate the spirit of being a Woman. Whether the party is small, big or grand, we must keep in mind the venue, time of the day, events and most importantly our participation in the event.

As my party venue was my society ground and the play-room (both outdoors and indoors) and it was in the late afternoon, I certainly had to select something that would not bake me in the heat. So my obvious choice was a loose-fitting top with trumpet sleeves (hahaha….with complete access granted for air to move freely).

Also since the party was casual and at day time, so I went for this solid color lycra top with not too many flashes or jing bang. Just some gathers at the waist with a gold clip to give it that dressy look.  

As for bottoms, I opted for a jean (read jegging…as my top was mid length) as it would give my outfit a casual look and at the same time give me all the freedom and comfort to stretch, run, bend, sit and do everything else while playing games and during entertainment.

I kept my makeup to the minimum, day look. Light Pink semi – gloss lipstick, black liner and a dash of eye-shadow in shade of pink and light brown.

For shoes, I chose the much in trend plastic summer high heel open toe sandals to give that elevation to my entire look. And am sure it did.

So let me know how you guys like my look put together.

Outfit Details:

Top – Zara
Jean – No Boundaries
Shoes – Wish
Lipstick – Kylie
Eyes – Mac black
Perfume – Versace 

Happy weekend. Thanks for reading!


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