Hello and welcome to yet another interesting post at tuneintofashion. You may have already noticed our new logo and page layout since last few posts. We are loving everybit of it, and give us a thumbsup if you like it too.
So like the title suggests we are talking prints today. Summer is soon going to transition to Monsoon and it got me wondering, we haven’t yet done anything on summer staple..the prints, so without further adieu here we are.Layered kurtaI always thought my wardrobe was understated. A fan of gothic, black, red and animal prints and maxi dresses, until one day, while trying a particularly head –to –toe floral number did I realize that bold patterns and prints mean happy. Prints on prints have been in trend for a few seasons now. Layered kurtaThe key to mixing and matching prints is trying something out of the box. Few suggestions are try strips with floral…bold strips with gingham and houndstooth….animal prints with paisley…thumb rule…keep the base tone the same family. And enjoy your prints.Layered kurtaI’m a fan of Boho fashion. So this week I decided to do a post around retro bohemian style. Retro bohemian style is all about mixing and matching vintage pieces with flowing silhouettes, ethereal prints and statement accessories. Think of fresh colours and modern detail which make it perfect for the modern woman’s wardrobe.
Layered kurtaI decided to style this draped layered kurta in a mix and match of prints that compliment each other. The design and the flow are just blended and so well put together. The bright orange and the subdued grey ….a clear winner for me…“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion, so use them liberally”. The inner Boho in me decided to wear chunky silver jewelry. Since the neckpiece was too silvery, I rubbed some kajal (quick hack to remeber) on it to give it a dull silver look to match with the jhumkas. Wide cuff bracelet and a beautiful 10 paise coin ring for my bare and open arms. And at last a round black bindi completed my look.Layered kurtaKurta with boots? Trust me girls, only we have the ability to revolutionize and rock any look and create a style statement. Dump your heels, chappals or jhuties and use this superpower (read boots) as often as you can with your kurtas. 

Layered kurta

Layered kurtaOUTFIT DETAILS                                                                                                                                                               Printed Multilayered Kurta – Local Exhibition; Boots – Brash; Lipstick -Colorbar Velvet Matt;                                  Neckpiece – Flea Market; Jhumka – Ashiana Kashmiri Oxidised; Ring– Allure; Wide Cuff Bracelet –

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Layered kurta

Layered kurta


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be bold. be beautiful.

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  1. Looks like uncoordinated mess when print mixing, today you have talked about risky trend but have wowed 😮this patten outfit. I think basically it’s mostly for skinny women’s like you Neha to give them some volume. These very interesting tips on wearing print with accessories and boots gives a fab hatke style look. It’s sure a simple glam party style.

  2. Great revamp to the blog! The new feel and layout is better than the previous one. Keep growing …Keep innovating…all the best!

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