Hello and good day to all the beauties out there. I am back with yet another super beneficial summer tip or guide for you.

For all of us who live in the tropical countries, Summer is nothing less than experiencing hell on earth. As if we are pakodas, being dipped and fried in hot oil till we screech, scream and melt down to bones slow but steady. For bad karma this is the standard punishment fixed for all of us by our godmen in their preachings. But we are living it right here on earth, every summer, that’s  getting bad to worse due to global warming.

I like the ‘hot’ as in; Hot n sexy look, hot n spicy pav bhaji, hot n sour soup, hot n happening news but absolutely loathe the ‘hot’ in hot n humid weather, hot n sunny day, hot n suffocating room. There’s nothing I despise more than the heat in this part of the world. I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely a struggle for me to step out of the comfort of my home to go anywhere at all — be it work or a fun day with the girls in this climate. My hubby can mimic very well and am sure he can get that exact look that l give him when he will ask me to do any last minute, unplanned, not in my todo list kind of outdoor tasks anytime between 11 am to 5 pm.

Stepping out in the sun is something that surely most of you may not like too, but there is no escape. So what we can do is make ourselves summer proof no matter where we go. It’s pretty simple, really. All you need to do is carry the right items in your go-to handbag and the heat won’t bother you as much. 

Summer bag essentials

You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag. I know, I know ….don’t give me that look now, like are you serious lady, in this fast n furious, hot and humid Mumbai life who has the time to sit and organise handbags each day. If you switch handbags often, then you’ll really appreciate how easy it will be to switch from purse to purse when you have an organiser insert in it !! Disorganised purse is now a thing of the past with the amazing handbag organiser. And in it you can pack all the essentials that can sail you through summer with ease, (okay hyperbole, here) but will surely help you deal with summer agonies smartly. Leaving a link if you are interested to buy a handbag organiser. You can browse through many options. 



Here are 12 essentials that you need to get into your bag to beat the Mumbai heat from playing up with your mood.


Summer bag essentialsSunscreen definitely tops our must-have-in-your-handbag list this summer! Apply each day just 30 minutes before stepping out of the house. Always keep a pocket friendly size sunscreen in your bag to save yourself from tan and serious sunburns.


We have already emphasised the importance of Sunglasses in our earlier post TIPS FOR BUYING SUNGLASSES – HIGH ON SUNGLASSES A good pair of shades is a must, not only to up your style quotient but also to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the UV rays. If you are prone to get headaches in the scorching heat, then too shades will be your best bet. So don’t forget to carry in your handbag, your favorite pair of sunglasses the next time you leave home!


Summer bag essentials Use a face mist to feel fresh! Make your own – just put some rose water in a spray bottle and you’re done. Spray some puffs on your face every few hours and see the magic!


Summer, sweat and pollution are deadly combinations to make us perspire feel yucky and leave behind some unpleasant body odor. Spraying a body mist or deodorant occasionally will only save you from any embarrassment and will keep you relieved. So make sure you carry with you, a tiny bottle of body-mist or deodorant at all times to fight the heat and feel fresh throughout the day.


Summer bag essentials One of the biggest frustrations in humid weather is the oily skin that comes along with it. Remember the pakoda feeling, I just described? Wet wipes will come in use at all times and instantly help you get rid of the dust, sweat, oil, pollution and heat that ruins your look and makes you feel sticky and drab. They are a quick and easy way to refresh yourself and feel rejuvenated!


Summer bag essentials A compact comes in handy any time of the day when you want a quick touch up after wiping off the grim and dirt from your face with a wet wipe or blotting paper.


Summer bag essentials Lip balms are absolutely essential as your lips are vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun. Carry one with you all the time, especially if you’re expecting a long day outdoors or at work. Day or night, you will be able to protect that perfect pout of yours!


Summer bag essentials

Hair-ties will be your savior if you are out in the heat and you quickly want to tie up your locks in a bun or a pony. They are tiny, colourful and very useful! Just keep a bunch in your bag and be ready to beat the heat.


Summer bag essentials Did you know that the skin on your neck is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face? It’s true! And a scarf is perfect for this sensitive skin for summers. A beautiful floral cotton scarf in lighter shades is just what you need to give an outfit a different look at the same time give you heat protection. Tie it up around you head and you can protect your hair too.


Summer bag essentials It is absolutely essential to stay hydrated in the summer and a fresh water bottle is a must have in your bag while you are outdoors. Buy insulated water bottles instead of using plastic bottles (as they are banned already) as they also heat up the water inside it. That kind of water does not quench our thirst nor refreshes us.


Summer bag essentials Heard of dehydration! Well sure you have. In summers you are bound to feel dry and parched most of the times. dehydration can lead to excessive dryness of the mouth. Keep some chewing gum with you to have fresh breath during a long day in the terrible heat!


Summer bag essentials

Summers are known for killing our appetite. But we don’t eat well then there are high chances of feeling guidy and nausea. Water based fruits are best friends in summer. They not only help us stay cool but also hydrated. Overnight cut fruits and keep it in the refrigerator to cool. Next morning just grab the box and put it in your bag. Snack on it if you feel like skipping lunch.

We have created a list to guide you through all the must-have summer essentials so that you can have your most chic season ever.🙂smile through the summer you sunshine.

So whats in your summer handbag? Do share with us if we have missed out on any essential item. I would be glad to include it in our list. If I did manage to interest you and are still reading please like, share or just leave me a comment. 

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  1. Wow, that’s comprehensive range of tips. Nice one. Yes you are right , women should be organized as they are judge in all aspects. I love this post . I need as much organization advice as I can get. Thanks so much for sharing Neha! You are darn clever. And I am glad you shared.

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