New Year. New Feelings. New Resolutions. New Opportunities. New Ideas. New Dreams. New Look. New Fashion…. I just can’t get over this word ‘NEW’. January always feels like the perfect time of the year to make some lifestyle changes – for one I had a new haircut and two started blogging.

So as a new kid on the block, with anticipation and anxiety, I write my very new (sorry kind of getting used to the word new) very first fashion blog.  

Already a fortnight into the New Year, as fashion lovers we are all excited to know ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’ in fashion in 2018.  So here’s my earnest attempt to show you the ‘must have’ or ‘essentials’ in your wardrobe for 2018. The top 10 fashion trends that you must bring into your wardrobe for a refreshing change to welcome the New Year with style.


The color of the year is lavender/violet/purple whatever you want to call it. The color stands for positivity, hope and enigma. Seen more on the runway on skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, sarees and gowns is the pastel shade but for all those who love the darker shade, that is fine too. Thanks to the designers, lavender is for sure an anytime, anywhere wearable kind of color. So I suggest bring in some hope and positivity into your closet… go shop for everything lavender, right from clothes to jewelry to make-up to shoes. Do I have any purple in there? Omg! the color that rules my wardrobe is black … so I surely need to go shop for something lavender.


One of my personal favorites … as I do remember wearing them, when I was quite young, maybe in my teens. So it is a comeback for wrap-arounds. Designers can find their inspiration from anything, and wrap-around is a recreation from our very own bath towel (a wild guess) …but hey hey hold your horses …to save us from malfunctions (remember how the towels usually slip off) are the rescuers like belts, zippers and buttons at the waist of these wrap-arounds. To me this garment is all about sophisticated sensuality seen in all silhouettes; knee-length, thigh length ( haha.. where’s the length if its thigh baring..anyways) ankle length, as asymmetry, fitted, flare, flowy; quite a versatile piece. So there is a wrap around to suit everyone’s style. 


We went crazy and overboard with the one shoulder, cold shoulder, off shoulder trend last year. They were seen in all types of clothe. But this year, it has been pushed away by the Ruffles. Ranging from delicate frills to oversized layers you can see them everywhere; on the sleeves, around the neck, around the waist, even on the pant hemlines. Definitely a must have this season.  


One trend that has been with us since ages is the time-honored denim. I am sure there is no one out there who can cry out loud “I don’t like denim”. The most comfortable fabric after cotton( or maybe even before) I believe, is denim This year, you will see quite a lot of variations in denim ranging from ruffled, textured, all white, deconstructed, embroidered, painted, , fabric combinations, written, loose, tight, high, low, soft denim to 100% denim. Last few years, spandex was mixed with denim to give it the stretch look and feel….remember jeggings, but this year its 100% denim. Another trend this year is the denim on denim look. You can wear layers of denim in all styles and fits and still look trendy … but the art is to layer them well or else you may look like you just walked out of a denim factory (just kidding:) you can be as creative and innovative with denim styling this year. 


Practically, seen on every fashion item from apparel to footwear to jewelry to accessories are the fringe and feathers. Fringed tassels and fluffy feathers is a comeback from the 70s, the rock and roll era. The fringes look can be spotted on the streets but not quite sure of the feathers. In my opinion, go slightly easy with this trend. Be true to your personal style and make your choice before you buy this fashion trend in apparels. But the not so tricky options are widely available too… so go ahead and buy them in earring, bags, shoes and necklaces; you sure can’t go wrong there. 


Another trend that is a blast from the past is the wide belt. This super flattering accessory has made an entry in all hues and styles and was quite prominent on the runway. It definitely is a very versatile piece as you can style it with any outfit, jeans, skirts, tunics, dresses, jumpsuits, high waist pants or anything that you can think of…you can oomph up the saree look too.  If you do not have one of these, then it’s time to invest in a couple of them.


An item that can instantly elevate your look is – a statement earring. Studs and cuffs are not going anywhere (so just leave them for your office look) but a must have and must wear for 2018 for casual or formal events, day out, shopping, lunch or dinners or everywhere else are earrings that meet your shoulders or even below . Bold and elegant long earrings, hoops, fringe earrings (seen in the latter half of 2017 too) in metal, gold, gems, threads, beads, etc in geometric shapes can be paired with any outfit to look stylish. 


For the obsessive shoe lovers, it’s time to soothe your feet, and give them a break from the painful heels, tight boots, gladiator’s, wedges and all the other kinds that scream pain and discomfort. The super comfy slides or slip-ons are the call of the year. From airy straps to closed mouths they definitely don’t look boring or duh… as they have varied decorations on it like blings, brocades, bows, fringes. Go flip-flop with these slides everywhere…. but remember to get your pedicures before you flaunt them. You definitely don’t want to spoil the look by those uncared feet. 


How can we forget the eyewear? The 80s styled oversized and exaggerated specs has made a comeback in 2018. The cat-eye shaped frames with blings and patterns, or just the plain Jane look are seen on celebrities and models be it day or night. So go pick the right glasses for your face and step out in the sun in style. 


Designers are clearly being clear about fashion…literally to say. Transparent, plastic, acrylic or even PVC is the trend. Inspiration can strike a chord from anywhere. I remember few years ago, on a rainy day, a young boy was enjoying the rain wearing a blue plastic carry bag to cover or protect his upper body. I am sure someone like him (the unsung hero) must have been an inspiration for this creation. So back to our trends…for all our bold and beautiful ladies out there, the trend this year is transparent or plastic. You will get to see most of the celebrities brave this look on clothing too but for the not so bold ones we can show-up with bags, shoes, belts, accessories or raincoats. 

2018 has many more trends other than the ones I have listed up here. The year can very well be marked as ‘The Comfort Comeback Year’ as most of the trends have comeback with a bang from the 70s and 80s but largely it’s all about comfort…thanks to our designers. Remember, what goes around comes around, it applies to fashion too. Knowing this, whenever I plan to declutter my closet, it’s a pain to sort between toss and keep, so most of the time I end up keeping most of them, you never know when its back in trend.

With the hope that you enjoyed scanning it as much as I enjoyed compiling it, I leave you now to create your very own shopping list for your 2018 wardrobe.

If I did manage to interest you and if you are still reading please like, share or just leave me a comment. Share your thoughts and ideas on the trends too.

be bold. be beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for d tips.. Especially useful for someone like me .who dosent update self on d latest trends..Keep blogging dear

  2. I am too outdated…now because of you I will keep myself updated…would be glad if you can introduce a section of styles for the middle aged women…

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